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Content Strategy

If you publish content on multiple platforms, you don’t need to come up with specific content for each one. But you also shouldn’t just copy-paste the same thing across platforms. 

While that would ensure a super consistent message, it also comes across as lazy. And you’re not lazy are you? You are purposeful and intentional and effortlessly everywhere because you have your ish together. 

So how do you keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed at having to post on multiple platforms, in various formats, regularly, all while delivering a clear and cohesive message?

Like this:
1. Forget about the platforms for now. What’s the main message you want to convey? Is it a tip you learned, a funny story that illustrates a point you can tie to your coaching business? A relatable anecdote? 

2. Write out your message. If you have an email list or a blog, this is something you would need to do regardless. It doesn’t have to be a long essay; it can be 3 lines, 3 paragraphs, 3 pages. Up to you and how much you feel you have to say.

3. Remember school? Using those fun highlighters to mark the critical info. Mentally do that with what you’ve written.

4. Now you break it down for platforms:

Article– for your blog/website/LinkedIn- Done.
Email- look over what you’ve written and make it shorter if needed and conversational for an email. Make sure you’re including a CTA.
Instagram- Choose one main highlight to become a graphic post. Elaborate on this highlight in the caption.
Instagram Stories- Share your post to stories. Formulate a question around the main highlight and use the poll feature. 
Facebook- Use the same question above to make a text post and engage your audience. You could also ask the question in a video and post that.
Video (YouTube, or video posts for IG and Fb)- Summarize the article and include a CTA at the end. Shoot for at least 2 minutes long. 
Live- Go live on Fb or IG and discuss the topic, especially if it’s a longer piece.

And there you have it. If you write about 3-5 pieces a week and go through the steps above, you’ll have more than enough content to publish on social media without spending too much time on it.

Brain Dump


Everyone has their own method for brainstorming and getting ideas on paper.

Marketing Gold: Nicole Piper

Marketing Gold

Nicole Piper is a copywriter with an extensive background in branding for multi-billion dollar companies. She emails her list regularly and provides value for her target client with takeaways they can use immediately. In this video, I walk you through one of her exemplary emails.

No time to watch? Here’s the TL;DR:

  • Email your list regularly and make sure to connect often
  • Include quick, actionable items for your list
  • Make the subject line punchy so people want to dive in for more info
  • Deliver on that subject line by telling them something that will help their business, as Nicole did in her email
  • Always think about what’s in it for the person on the other side of the screen. How is this email providing value? Is it helpful and simple? If so, you’ve got a winner

Marketing Gold: Mariana Aspru

Marketing Gold

Mariana Aspru is a business coach and her site is an excellent example of how to use testimonials effectively.

Marketing Gold: Be Layered

Marketing Gold

Be Layered is an e-commerce fragrance company based in LA. I came across them on YouTube when I was looking for a new perfume.
They are really great about creating a community for their customers.
In this video, I cover a great tactic that YOU can use, especially if you are a Business Coach or sell info-products.

No time to watch? Here’s the TL;DR:

  • Be Layered created a Secret Menu for customers that purchase a full sized perfume- This Secret Menu is truly a secret, duh. Getting an email with a link to the secret menu is surprising and damn delightful, if I do say so myself.
  • The Secret Menu offers a discount for “packs” or sets of 3 perfumes- Do this with your info-products. Bundle them in a way that makes sense so that they act as a complement to any existing course or main product you might sell
  • Make sure your packs or bundles are thematic like Be Layered’s for more impact.
  • These should not be high-ticket items. It’s fun to shop from a Secret Menu so price accordingly and make this a no-brainer for your customer (aka price this on the lower side, whatever that means for you).