When people come to me for help with the content strategy, the first thing I ask them seemingly has nothing to do with content. 

I don’t ask them about platforms or marketing channels. 
I ask this: who are you and what do you do? 

Pretty basic. Yet you’d be surprised how often that doesn’t come through their marketing.

That’s because brand voice is one of the most IMPORTANT yet difficult things for people to nail.

Why? It’s hard to talk about yourself. It’s challenging to know what to say about what you do. But aside from the visual representation of your brand —  the logo, the colors, the style — brand voice is what defines you.

The words, the tone, all of these things matter. And when the brand voice doesn’t match your personality as a business owner, it’s tough for your prospective clients to figure you out.

And when someone can’t figure you out, they move along. It’s not personal. It’s how our brains work—brains like easy. Brains are very efficient organs that don’t want to waste energy on things that are not immediately obvious.
So when someone lands on your website or your content, they’re scanning for words that confirm to them who you are.

So those words better line up.

On March 26th, I’ll be hosting a FREE live stream series on brand voice. This is the first step to having a content strategy that is aligned, strategic, and easy to execute.

If you need to get your content strategy in shape, you’re going to want to join. In 4 days, you’ll go from brand confusion to brand clarity. I’m sharing my exact approach for content strategy, the same one I used to launch 30+ brands during my media career.

This method will make your content work for you, instead of being yet another task that you put off for “later.” While your content is busy, you can get back to more pressing things in your business.

We’ll be covering:

  1. The secret to a content strategy that expresses your authority
  2. The reason you sound like everyone else out there and why your content is falling flat
  3. A new approach to determining brand voice to create instant trust
  4. How to make your content a magnet for prospective clients

Come hang out on the 26th! You can sign up here

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