You're undeniably good.
It's time for people to know.

Ready for clients to fall in love with your business?
The words you use to describe what you do have the power to make people want to hire you, buy from you, and recommend you. 

Quick, actionable feedback to make your copy stronger

Wish you knew exactly what would make your copy better without having to rewrite your entire website or start from scratch on social? The 4C's Appraisal Session is your jam. 

What it is:

A custom analysis of your copy, based on a research-backed sales psychology factors. Delivered in a PDF report and Zoom session.

Is this for you?

Best for new businesses that need a professional to tell them where to put their energy and what to say to maximize results for all their hard work.

Timing: 2 weeks | Investment $497

Get your copy diagnosed

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Own your story and connect to your clients deeply

Ever feel like it's a struggle to explain to people what you do? It's time for you to own your voice and express your gifts.

What it is: 

We get super clear on your messaging so your personal brand of awesome is obvious to those you want to help. We uncover what makes you different and why someone should work with you. 

Is this for you?

You feel like it's way harder than it needs to be to get your message across to strangers on the internet. You're looking for someone to take what's in your head and put it into the right words to attract clients.

Timing: 1 month | Investment $1750

Brand story

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Strategic website copy to connect and convert

When done right, the words on your website pave the way for sales. Let's make sure your words are working for you, so you focus on serving your clients.

What it is:

By the time we’re done, you’ll have shiny new website copy that makes you say “Damn! I’d want to work with me!”  

Is this for you?

You'd love for your website to match the real-life version of you. You're ready to stand out online and proudly give people your website url.

Timing: 2-3 months | Investment starts at $3500


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Monthly coaching on your marketing strategy and copywriting

Imagine having access to a CMO, Copywriter, Copy Editor, and Head of Content all in one. You get strategic guidance and nitty-gritty copy feedback.

What it is:

We meet  for 60 mins each month to discuss your overall marketing strategy. Throughout the month, you can Slack me with the email you're about to send or a post you're about to publish to get expert edits. 

Is this for you?

You need a 3rd party perspective to help you stay focused on your marketing goals and give you feedback on the day to day stuff you're creating to get the results you want. 

Timing: monthly, cancel anytime | Investment $1500


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