You're undeniably good. It's time for people to know.

Brand Story

Get your message across to strangers on the internet and "click" with prospective clients




90-minute interview with you over Zoom

Journal prompts and my 10 Question Positioning Doc

Long version of your Brand Story, 1500 words 

Social Bio, LinkedIn About, and Media Bio

Custom writing project

Have a writing project in need of an empathetic and highly skilled copywriter? Let's talk.

Examples of Writing Projects

Pricing is based on your specific deliverables

Full Website Copy, standard is 4-6 pages for a basic site

Sales Pages, Ad Funnels from paid ads to landing pages

Webinar presentations that sell (content only, not design)

Business Success Stories 

Special services

Copy Coaching

Guidance on your current strategy, what to change and how to sell

Individualized feedback on your copy making sure you're on the right track

Copy editing and feedback on any business content

Ongoing leadership on your marketing efforts 

60-minute call each month to map and plan priorities 

Regular communication via email and Slack 

Feedback tailored for your specific business goals to get you there faster

Help with emails, website copy, sales pages, social, headlines, and more

The best option for small businesses in need of 3rd party perspective on their marketing efforts.
Imagine having access to a CMO, Copywriter, Copy Editor, and Head of Content all in one.


I've helped clients: 
5x Facebook leads, build an evergreen ad funnel, write and deliver webinars that drove sales, create email series, sell services via email marketing.

What results can I expect?

 I do the thinking for you, although collaboration is key. You'll end up using these words whenever you communicate to others about your business.

What's the writing process like?

 If you're open, coachable, and purpose-driven. Also, if you're ready for lots of questions that will make you think and reveal major insights.

What would make us a good fit?

 For most projects, you'll complete a questionnaire about your industry, current clients, and business goals as the first step.

What do you need from me?

 We use Google Docs to organize and keep track of all documents, templates, and copy.

How is the content delivered?

Finding the golden nuggets to define your magic to prospective clients. Knowing what will strike a chord with your leads and making you the obvious choice through words.

What's your specialty?


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