“Why?” is the question you need to answer. Not the big “why are we here?”…that’s not the question I mean.

“Why” in the context of your business and your messaging. 

It’s the most important “why.” The one that will make people pay attention, spark their interest, take time to find out more info, and ultimately make a purchase.

Are you ready? It’s very simple yet very effective. 

Here it is. The “why” you need to answer is:

Why should I care?

Why Should They Care?

That’s the magic question to answer to get your audience to take action. 

Why should they care? Why should they attend your webinar or sign up for your program or book your services?

Instead of telling them the what, focus on the why.

What: A webinar that will teach you how to create a morning routine.
Why: Learn how to 10x your productivity by starting a morning routine. 

What: A notebook that will keep you organized.
Why: Achieve your business and personal goals using this special planning method 

What: A program that will reconnect you to your femininity.
Why: Master the secrets of feminine soft power to create the reality you desire. 

Most of us suffer from the curse of knowledge. We can’t separate ourselves from what we know and we take for granted that others will know the same things.

Something that is obvious to you is not to your ideal customer. You have to continually put yourself in their shoes and ask, “am I making sense here?”

As a business owner, you’re in the day to day living and breathing your business. But the people who will pay you are not. They don’t understand why the thing you sell is so great.

You Have to Tell Them

How do we do that? By getting to the emotion of what they want.

Too often we’re saying “what” and not “why.” The why is buried under jargon and explanations. No one has time to figure you out.

No one cares about what you sell. Unless you can explain why they should.

If you can adopt the attitude that no one cares what you do, it will serve you in the long run with your marketing. It will drive revenue. It will increase business. It will put dollars in your pocket.

The answer to why has to spark curiosity, interest, and intrigue.

There are 2 things that will accomplish that:

  1. tapping into your customer’s desire
  2. tapping into your customer’s pain

Your “why” will naturally produce an emotional response in someone else. They’ll literally feel it in their gut. You’ll sense them lean in, engage, and perk up.

Let’s Do an Example

If you’re stuck on the why, keep asking yourself “so what?”

My business sells dresses made from banana peels.

So what?

They are sustainable, eco-friendly, high fashion without being granola-crunchy looking.

So what?

They make the wearer look good.

So what?

They make the wearer feel good about their purchase.

So what?

By buying our products, the customer feels like they are helping the environment.

So what?

So they can help the environment AND look cute without remorse.

Ok, now we’re onto something.

Sample copy:

Hey did you know that banana peels make really chic wrap dresses?

Every day people toss approximately 18 tons* of banana peels into the trash.

Why not help Mother Earth out? Plus there’s no rule that says you can’t look stylish while doing it.

Let’s face it, most eco-friendly clothing looks crunchy…as in wrinkly, extremely casual, and baggy…as in potato sack on a rack.

Our dresses feel like silk, cosplay as famous designer wrap dresses without the price tag and cost to the planet. Plus, you can dress them up or down. These dresses play equally well with Birkenstocks or Bottega.

Wear them to the farmer’s market, brunch, the city commissioner’s meeting or dinner.

Like the mighty banana, our dress travels well and looks good doing it.

*totally made up number based on literally nothing

See, don’t you want a banana dress now?

Go for the why, not the what.

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