Why, though

“Why?” is the question you need to answer. Not the big “why are we here?”…that’s not the question I mean.

“Why” in the context of your business and your messaging. 

It’s the most important “why.” The one that will make people pay attention, spark their interest, take time to find out more info, and ultimately make a purchase.

Are you ready? It’s very simple yet very effective. 

Here it is. The “why” you need to answer is:

Why should I care?

That’s the magic question to answer to get your audience to take action. 

Why should they care? Why should they attend your webinar or sign up for your program or book your services?

Instead of telling them the what, focus on the why.

What: A webinar that will teach you how to create a morning routine.
Why: Learn how to 10x your productivity by starting a morning routine. 

What: A notebook that will keep you organized.
Why: Achieve your business and personal goals using this special planning method 

What: A program that will reconnect you to your femininity.
Why: Master the secrets of feminine soft power to create the reality you desire.