But really I'm a student of life

When I was 15, I read a random book that changed my perspective.  It had rust-colored page edges and bold, 1970s bubble font down the spine. Only recently, after years of diving into spirituality, did I realize the guy with a friendly mustache wearing a turquoise polo shirt on the cover was Dr. Wayne Dyer. 

I'm a copywriter and Marketer

Far more will meet you than leave you when you learn to listen.

I've sought out different information to understand a hunch I've had for a long time. 

From then on 

We're here to do more than follow society's recipe for success. Grow up, go to school, get a job, get married, have kids, be pleased with only 2 weeks of vacation every year, wait until you're 65 to do whatever you feel like, and then die.

Wait, what? Maybe I'm just stubborn. You might even say disconnected from "reality," but I think that we got the short end of the stick with that deal. 

I want to do more, be more, have more. I want to live differently. Ok, differently... But how?

Ahhh that is the question, my friend. 

There are a million opinions on how best to live life, and only one that matters. Yours.

But to find out what you really want and what to do about it is an exercise in tuning in and tuning out.

Tuning into you, your inner voice, your inner guidance. Tuning out everything else, including the shameful shoulds, doubting don'ts, and naysaying nevers spoken by skeptics and the dark corners of your mind that say you can't and you shouldn't.

When you figure out how to do that — and it's an ongoing process, by the way — you will feel enlivened, enriched, engulfed, embraced, empowered, and emboldened.

People are taught to look at statistics, probabilities, and practicalities over that intangible inner knowing, which is the most truthful thing out there. We would surprise ourselves if we gave our inner voice a chance to speak and then dared to follow whatever it said. 

I know from experience that ignoring your inner voice will get you into more trouble than trying and failing ever will. There's evidence for any pro or con your monkey brain can come up with, so you might as well believe things will work out.

The alternative will mean perpetual confusion, lack of conviction, and disorientation from who you are and what you really want. Think of all the wonderful, amazing things the world is missing out on simply because people pay more attention to their limitations than their possibilities.

Confusion and analysis paralysis keep us stuck and not taking action on our biggest dreams simply because we believe the critical voices inside, which are not even ours and never were.

Far more will meet you than leave you when you learn to listen. 

Circa 2002

Read Erroneous Zones


Got my first job in advertising


Worked  at Telemundo-NBC, created strategy and content for brands like Coca-Cola, Toyota, Ulta & Ziploc 


Launched my business in
early March, lol

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Sick of not expressing myself, I created Talk To Me Baby


Wrote copy for a Hollywood Producer and Walmart. Became an FCMO

Making my great grandmother Sofia's flan on camera for a food brand I developed

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