What if...

Let's play a game

...You could talk about what you do and watch someone else's face light up

...Your website was so clear people immediately connected to your purpose

...Your emails made your audience feel seen

...People wanted to hire you all from reading your website and online content

...You got DMs like "You're the right person for me to work with."

What if marketing for your business was fun and got you clients?

My mission is to...

Make sure you use the power of words to convey how amazing you are.
Whether it’s for your marketing message, email series, website, social posts, or haiku habit – make your words count.

My clients have receive feedback from leads to the tune of:

"you expressed EXACTLY what I've been feeling"
"your website made me feel seen"
"you are the coach I've been waiting for"

I'm the Fairy Godmother of Copywriting. I'll help you turn your "pumpkin" into a carriage (without the midnight curfew).

Marketing for yourself is hard. You're too close to your stuff to get a good perspective.

It goes something like this:

Wait what do I do again? How do I get people to care about my services? They need what I've got but I just don't know how to express it. How do I say "buy my thing" without seeming sleazy? 

If I have a conversation about my work with someone, then they get it. I feel like they have to meet me, because I can't capture what I'm about online. Why is this so complicated?! 

It's not your fault you feel this way!   

The marketing advice out there can be overwhelming and difficult to implement. Probably doesn't help that there's a new tactic everyday too.

Nailing your marketing message takes thoughtful consideration.

You can't just wing it, you have to think it through, and that's impossible to do alone.

Why? Because you can't see the outside label from inside the bottle

So how can you communicate about your business and turn a random person on the internet into a raving client? I've got you.

For years, I worked with NBC Universal, partnering with Fortune 500 brands like Coca-Cola, Ziploc, Ulta, Toyota, and Samsung. I had to find a way to give both the advertisers and the audience what they wanted, and usually those things were different.

You're so good at what you do. the world needs your gifts.
it's time for you to learn how to wield the power of communication. 

My background in media, branding, and copywriting makes me excellent at putting myself into someone else's shoes to effectively communicate with them.

I can see what makes your business special and how to align that to what your ideal client wants. 

It's time to get out of your Cinderella rags and into that dress. 
Don't you want to go to the ball? Your future clients can't wait to meet you. 

some things you may not know about me...

Midnight in Paris

favorite film...

Year of the MOnkey

 Currently readinG...

Lucille Ball

childhood idol...

canned heat


rome, madrid

places i've lived...

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I've got answers!

You've got questions...

What is this place?

This is my corner of the internet. Welcome! On this site, you’ll find info on my products and services. You might also find some random bits, but that’s alright because nobody puts Baby in a corner. Except for this corner. 

Why should i care?

Because if you can't express why your services matter, how will your ideal clients ever know? Copywriting is the vital skill for any business owner. The world needs what you've got, so let's tell them all about it.

How do you say your name?

I'm Cuban-American. My last name means "of the weapons." Xena Warrior Princess — eat your heart out. It's pronounced "day-arm-us" not "dear-mas." Also the "d" is lower case. You're regretting the fact that you asked, huh?

Ready to make your words sing and

Let's work together