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Consistency not urgency


When I worked in corporate, I had a boss who wanted everything done yesterday. Nothing was ever fast enough for him. He expected things done ASAP on steroids. He wanted to see results immediately, if not sooner. Some of these high-level execs are like that. They think they can bend time to their will. They […]

print is not dead

Print isn’t dead and why you still need email

Digital Marketing

I recently read an article about a print publication picking up popularity in New York. For most digital marketers, this confusing.

Confused about content strategy?

Content Strategy

When people come to me for help with the content strategy, the first thing I ask them seemingly has nothing to do with content.

What RuPaul taught me about avatars


RuPaul is wise. RuPaul is an oracle in glitter and heals, serving you looks and insight.

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Why, though


“Why?” is the question you need to answer. Not the big “why are we here?”…that’s not the question I mean.