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Too much information

Content Strategy

I’d like to share something I learned this week and how it applies to the way we sell and communicate with our audience. I learned this from Jason Fladlien; he’s an entrepreneur and an expert on webinars.

3 questions to ask before you create content

Content Strategy

When creating content, start with the end in mind. Ask yourself these 3 questions

Every business owner needs a content strategy

Content Strategy

People hate to be sold to but they love to buy. And they’d rather learn about a business from content than from a traditional ad.

The most logical way to explain a product or service isn’t the most impactful


This is a quick lesson on rearranging your messaging for maximum impact.
These tips can be used on your website copy, email signatures, product descriptions, headlines, and any CTA.

What is a copywriter, anyway?


When I told people I was launching a copywriting business the general response was polite nods and “oh oks.”