I’d like to share something I learned this week and how it applies to the way we sell and communicate with our audience. I learned this from Jason Fladlien; he’s an entrepreneur and an expert on webinars.

Most people provide way too much information, and they overwhelm their target. It’s not your fault, you know a lot about what you know, and that makes it easy for you to go overboard.

There are two things people consider when they’re looking for a solution to their problems: 
1. The outcome matters more than the process
2. Relief

Because you are an expert in your area, it means you can unintentionally overwhelm people with what you know or assume that they know more than they do.

It happens with content strategy when we include too many CTAs or too much info. It also happens when you’re doing your website copy and, you spend a ton of time on your special process, product, or method but not on the results or benefits to the customer.

It’s kind of like watching that show “How it’s Made.” It’s fine when there’s literally nothing else on, and you suddenly find yourself intrigued by how they make umbrellas. Otherwise, it’s not really on your radar to seek that information out.

Your only thoughts around umbrellas are, “Wait, do I have one? It’s suddenly raining!” and “I hope this thing won’t flip upside down in the wind and make me look like a fool.” 

By providing way too much info, you lose people. Don’t give people too much to focus on and don’t overestimate their ability to take it all in. 

So if you think you might be throwing a lot of information at your audience, then just focus on one clear, easy solution they can understand and feel good about.

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