3 questions to ask before you create content

When creating content, start with the end in mind. Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. What job is this doing for the viewer? Is it relatable, is it informing them, is it entertaining them? What value does this provide to the person receiving it?
  2. Why would someone engage? Does this content solve a problem, does it make them think about things in a new way? Does it align to how they see themselves or would like to see themselves? Is there a specific CTA to reply or share? 
  3. How would they describe this to their friends? Is it a guide, an inspirational post, a how-to? Is it long-form or short-form, is it a quick read, is it easy to implement? Is it a video, an infographic, a worksheet, or a blog post?

Running through this quick checklist will help you create more compelling content and keep in mind your end goal.

Without an end goal it’s hard to track how your content is performing and what KPIs are most important.

For example, if you’re creating relatable content you might look for comments or shares. But if you’re creating a personalized email, you’ll want to track the ratio of open rates compared to replies.