Be Layered is an e-commerce fragrance company based in LA. I came across them on YouTube when I was looking for a new perfume.
They are really great about creating a community for their customers.
In this video, I cover a great tactic that YOU can use, especially if you are a Business Coach or sell info-products.

No time to watch? Here’s the TL;DR:

  • Be Layered created a Secret Menu for customers that purchase a full sized perfume- This Secret Menu is truly a secret, duh. Getting an email with a link to the secret menu is surprising and damn delightful, if I do say so myself.
  • The Secret Menu offers a discount for “packs” or sets of 3 perfumes- Do this with your info-products. Bundle them in a way that makes sense so that they act as a complement to any existing course or main product you might sell
  • Make sure your packs or bundles are thematic like Be Layered’s for more impact.
  • These should not be high-ticket items. It’s fun to shop from a Secret Menu so price accordingly and make this a no-brainer for your customer (aka price this on the lower side, whatever that means for you).

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