Find the words to express your gifts,
connect with clients online, and grow your business

Website copy for small businesses, coaches & consultants

My philosophy:

Too many businesses struggle with explaining the amazing value of their work to the people who need it most.

It's time for strategic words that reflect your brilliance.
Lauryn Hill said it better: Don’t be a hard rock, when you really are a gem.

2. Before you invest in random Facebook ads, a free 5-day challenge, or flash sales, make sure you have solid website copy. 

Houses are built from the foundation up and it's the same with your messaging. Your website is home base for the rest of the bells and whistles.

3. Your website should connect with people.

One of the greatest gifts is making someone feel seen. It's all about empathy and shared values. Businesses who get this have an edge.

Here’s the thing. 
The marketing world is full of tactics, templates, and ways to be “irrisistible to your ideal clients.” 

All that glitters isn’t gold when it comes to ONLINE marketing.

Good marketing is about one thing: communication.

Not the flavor of the day marketing gimmick, social media trend, or complicated sales funnel. 

Yet, it’s hard to get the online version to match the real-life experience of working with you.

Hi, I'm Emily!

Word nerd. Cat lover. PBS fan. Dancing Queen. Emmy-nominated. Ex-Fortune 500.

Nothing thrills me more than watching my client's glow from within when their copy gets them new clients. My goal is to make the online version of your business match the real-life experience. 

Knowing how to convey your value unlocks a whooooole new level of expansion. Are you ready?

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brands I've worked with
(writing copy or creating content)


Gary W. Goldstein, pretty woman Producer & Coach


Finding someone who could deliver the right message, voice and tone was an exercise in extreme frustration until I worked with her.

Michelle Falzone, Pivot your wellness


Emily is a word and idea magician. I'm a more confident writer after working with her. Can I get an abracadabra?

Jenn Morse, Biz coach & mystic


My email open rates jumped to 41%. I have people on a waitlist for my live workshop.
Thank you, Emily.