The Most Logical Way to Explain a Product or Service Isn’t the Most Impactful

This is a quick lesson on rearranging your messaging for maximum impact. 
These tips can be used on your website copy, email signatures, product descriptions, headlines, and any CTA.

Most of the time when we talk about our product or service we explain WHAT it is, HOW it works, and the BENEFIT to the potential customer. 
This is a logical way to explain something. But it’s more impactful to switch the order around.

Start with the BENEFIT, then the WHAT, and finally the HOW.

Before: ABC mascara uses a special brush designed for smaller eyes to always give you separated, lifted lashes.
After: Get separated, lifted lashes with ABC mascara’s special brush designed for smaller eyes. 

The second version starts with the BENEFIT
Get separated, lifted lashes. 
Cool. I want that.

Then we move to the WHAT
It’s a mascara
Ok. Got it.

Then finally, the HOW
It has a special brush designed for smaller eyes.
Sounds awesome.

Look through your messaging and see where you can lead with the benefit and make your copy more impactful..

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