People hate to be sold to but they love to buy. And they’d rather learn about a business from content than from a traditional ad.

All content needs to have a reason for being.

It might serve a specific purpose: to entertain or to inform.

It might be an image or a video or a story you tell via an email to your subscribers.

Content is whatever lives inside those little boxes that we look at on our multi-sized screens.

The size of the screen might change, and the format might be different, but all content has one thing in common.

Content is a creation. 

We can debate individual merits, but any content involves translating an idea into a form that can be understood by another.

A lot of business owners struggle with content creation for this very reason: the creativity part of it.

Most of us were taught that you can’t make a living being creative and that we should choose a “practical” career. 

So when faced with a task that is oddly necessary for business but also inherently creative, a lot of entrepreneurs don’t know where to start.

They end up posting things haphazardly on social media, or send an email to their list when they have an idea but then abandon them for weeks at a time. They ramp up when launching a product but don’t engage with their customers otherwise.

The power of good content is tangible. It reinforces your brand messaging, it provides value, and it creates an emotional response in your customers.

So how do we marry fickle Content Creation with the steely world of Business?

We need a framework in which to play.

It’s counter-intuitive, but narrowing your scope opens you up to much more creativity. By minimizing your choices and setting up constraints, you free your mind to expand.

Limitations force creativity and kill analysis paralysis. Your mind will think up creative ways to work within those parameters.

Once you have the framework, you won’t spend time fretting about what to post or trying to figure out how to be everywhere at once. 

Your brand messaging will have more weight because you’ll be able to create content with ease. You’ll have a plan that works for you and is also flexible enough to evolve with your needs. Your content will be in the line of sight of your target customers with less effort.

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