You're undeniably good.
It's time for people to know.


Do you have a hard time getting people to sign up for your STUFF, care about your social posts, or buy your programs?

If your copy isn't converting, and you're banging your head against the wall – I can help. 

 You know how in Clueless, Cher lives for a makeover? Well I live for making your marketing message reflect your awesomeness!

Sometimes we think it’s the copy that isn’t working. We need to figure out how to sell, how to do emails really well, how to stand out with our words.

All that’s important, but first you need solid messaging. 

Is this you?

I'm great in person! If you can get someone on a call, where you have the opportunity to chat about what you do, they get it. But you wish the online people got you too.

I've got folders full of templates and marketing frameworks. You've collected marketing freebies like they're limited edition eBay finds, yet they never seem to work for you.

I sound like everyone else. You know you have something special to offer your clients, yet your copy blends into the crowd like Where’s Waldo in a Candy Cane factory.

My clients love me. Your clients are thrilled with your work but it's time for more people to know you so you can grow your business and expand.. 

I'm hearing crickets. You keep putting out content and doing all the things, but there's radio silence instead of cha-ching cha-ching.

You probably need to work on your Core Messaging. And that's great because...

Core messaging is the antidote to feeling disheartened about your business, unenchanted with your sales, and stuck in a fog of confusion and doubt.

If you can relate:


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