Everyone has their own method for brainstorming and getting ideas on paper. 

I generally don’t struggle with writer’s block. There are times when it’s easier to write than others. There are even times when I just have NO idea what I’m going to write for a client. 

But I find that I never ::really:: know what I’m going to write until I start. 
Below is the template that I use to get things going.

For each project, I have a “Brain Dump” doc. This doc is purely to allow my mind to flow and see what comes up. I give it some structure to help me get started.

1. What do I know?- what do I know about the target prospect, about the client, what are the goals? 
2.  What is annoying for the prospect?- What are their pain points, what problem do I need to solve for, what are their thoughts and feelings on the subject? 
3. What is annoying for my client?- What’s going on with them? What’s the disconnect? What’s the thing they are trying to avoid?
4. What happens when the prospect buys the thing?- How do they feel? How does their life change? What is the significant impact (time savings, cost savings, etc.)? 

From there it’s a matter of getting stuff down and following the spark until I have the first draft and hopefully something workable. 

How do you brainstorm?

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