Nothing like the gentle hum of the coffee pot dripping, Italian roast aroma wafting through the morning air as you prep for a day filled with clients.

Seeing “18 Appointments for the week” from Squarespace at the top of your inbox. 

Your phone gently chiming as people check out.

Nothing like the dream of making money in your sleep!

Except that’s all it is right now…a dream! 😣

Get expert feedback before you take another stab at updating your copy.

4C's Appraisal SESSION

Copywriting is totally different from how you were taught to write in school.
It takes all the rules and turns them upside down. 

Perhaps you expected to write for your business, do the marketing for your offers, and post on social. 

But taking people from random person on the internet to raving client involves a lot of copywriting know-how, and those tactics are not obvious to the untrained eye.

Here’s the thing.
When you became a BUSINESS OWNER...
you also became a copywriter. 

You refresh instagram only to find the reel you spent 45 minutes making has 187 views.

The email you sent out with the sign-up to your free webinar is collecting dust in the inboxes of… let’s face it….not that many people. 

Wait a second...

You're ready to grow your business. It seems like it should be easy to have a thriving online business.

You were sold the idea of effortless $$$, making a true impact, and casually frolicking on the jealousy-inducing beaches of Bali!


I know exactly how you feel.

It’s painful to be ignored by the very people you’re trying to reach.

Especially when you know you can help them.

Your past clients love you and happily recommend you. But getting new clients feels like trying to find water in the desert. 

If you get the right person on a call, it falls into place. You have a conversation and sign them on as a new client. When people interact with you face to face, it works!

It’s getting them on the call that’s an issue.

What if your copy had all the right elements to bring people in and get them excited to work with you?

The reality is, you wake up foggy, barely savoring your coffee while your brain tries to figure out why
it’s a struggle to get leads.

Get your 1:1 session

Get clarity on your copy, so you can get on with bringing in leads and transforming lives.

4C's Appraisal session

My eyeballs on your website and social media, so your business bestie can stop playing copywriter

Expert feedback on where your copy currently stands, without spending $4,000 for someone to write your website from scratch

A customized 14+ PDF report based on critical copy elements to bring in leads 

Analysis of 47 factors to evaluate the strength of your copy

Zoom call to go over your 4C's Appraisal and walk you through the results

Clarity on what you're already doing well, and what needs tweaking so you can quit spinning your wheels, and get to the fun part of meeting your new clients

You'll get...

What are the 4C's of Copywriting, anyway?
Glad you asked. 

I believe in this so much, I offer a Guarantee.

If you didn’t feel like I listened to your unique business needs, or if you didn’t get clarity on which of the 4C’s needs improvement, I’ll refund your money. Punto, the end.

You’ve ever sat at your desk wishing someone would just tell you what’s going on.

You’re actively learning about marketing and looking for guidance.

You have a graveyard of “freebies” but no idea how to best apply the info.

You’re doing all the marketing things but still not getting a steady flow of clients.

This is for you if...

Binge-watching free content and cobbling together a strategy.

Asking for advice inside Facebook groups and receiving conflicting feedback.

Going it alone, doubting your abilities.

No more...

1. After you check out, I’ll email you a questionnaire about your business and goals 

2. When I receive your questionnaire, I’ll analyze your website and main social media account (takes me 14 business days). If you don't have a website, I'm happy to look at a Sales Page.

3. Then I evaluate your copy using the 4C’s Framework and generate a report detailing the critical success factors 

4. We hop on a Zoom together to review the report, giving you clarity on what you’re doing well and what to improve in your copy

How it works

4C's Appraisal SESSION

(**that’s me, by the way ;))

It would be like a couture designer never taking measurements, or a medical specialist diagnosing you without running any tests.

So if you want an expert to provide a clear picture of what’s going on with your copy, someone who will hold space for your unique situation and provide feedback specifically for your business…

I invite you to consider the... 

You’ll end up with a lot of advice and no clarity…because none of the people giving you the advice are actually looking through YOUR stuff with the laser-focus of a multiple-Virgo** scanning for loose threads on a dress she wants to buy.

CONTEXT is EVERYTHING, especially when it comes to marketing.

If you keep consuming content on what you’re supposed to be doing, but have no idea how it applies to your business, it’s not going to be useful.

In order for you to get an accurate diagnosis of your copy, you need someone to take the time to read it and give you thoughtful feedback. 

If you were to tell me what’s going on in your business, I could make an educated guess.

Most of my clients struggle with similar things and I know how to fix them. 

But I couldn’t possibly tell you why you’re not getting leads, unless I actually look at your copy.

There’s plenty of advice out there about how to position your offers, what to say, and how to talk about what you do.

Ahem, “I help x, do y, with z, so that they can…”

The 4C’s are based on the 4C’s of diamond grading.

Your ideal clients won’t realize the GEM that is your work, your gifts, and your business without the 4C’s of Copywriting.

There are 4 main elements to good copy. I call them the 4C’s. 

You need all 4 to create a compelling marketing message that will appeal to your ideal clients, showcase the value of your offers, and make them eagerly want to work with you if they’re the right fit.

4C's Appraisal Session

Copywriting clarity to cut through the confusion

Get your 1:1 session


I feel confident and clear when I sit down to write now, because I have a structure AND because I know that it's going to be an enjoyable process. Emily's feedback gave me new perspective on how to sell in my copy.


Getting feedback on my copy from Emily was a game changer. I gained new ideas to implement for my service-based business. She reviewed previous copy and shared how I can connect with my community.

Kevin orozco,

Emily's feedback helped us answer crucial questions like: why should someone support our non-profit?
With her guidance, we worked together to position our mission, but equally as important — appeal to people.

Get your custom
4C's Appraisal Session
497 dollars

get your 1:1 Session

My mission is to...

Make sure you use the power of words to convey how amazing you are.
Whether it’s for your marketing message, email series, website, social posts, or haiku habit – make your words count.

Who am I?

I'm Emily de Armas, your Copywriting Mentor. 

After working together, people find their voice, feel inspired to write for their business, and receive comments like...

"You're the coach I've been waiting for."
"Your website made me feel so seen."
"This email is fire 🔥"